Mobile App

Argos developed the CheckMyRota website to allow your colleagues to view their shifts and payroll details online. All employees can access the Check My Rota app to view their working hours and other personal information.


To the delight of Argos employees, Argos has launched the Check My Route Argos app and website. This CheckMyRota online portal helps your employees to view their working hours, shifts, and payroll details online.

Argos employees need to log in to the Argos CheckMyRota portal to access all these details on their system or mobile device. YOU only need a few credentials like company number and employee number to complete the registration.

Mobile App For CheckMyRota

The My Rota mobile app can be downloaded on any smartphone. And some of those who download this app can log in on their respective cell phones. Therefore, accessing the Argos Rota details is much more convenient.

As mentioned earlier, this app is available for any smartphone to log in and successfully access Check My Route schedules and payment receipts. You should only download this app from your app provider, for example. B. Google Play or Apple Store.


The App Download Process

  • Go to Google Play or the Apple Store.
  • Then look for the My Route app.
  • Click on the Installation option.
  • After downloading, launch the application.
  • Then enter your branch and employee number.
  • Tap on the Sign In option.

App description

Easy way to check your shifts on the Argos team. You need your business number and employee number and access your Inspire account.


  • ┬áCheck your shifts in Argos
  • Easy access to your inspiration account

Permissions required for this app:

  • Identity : So that we can remember your key data for you
  • Location: To allow us to show the stores and inventory closest to your site.
  • Microphone: use your voice to find solutions to your problems
  • Wi-Fi connection information: This means we can find you more accurately.